Our Philosophy

Mimico Kids is a children’s clothing company committed to design and sustainability. Our project aims to help conserve the natural resources of our planet, through the creation of ethical and eco-friendly collections.

Our garments boast simple and functional designs and they are respectful of the environment, human beings and animals. They are designed and made in Galicia, boosting local commerce.

We use only natural fibers such as organic cotton, recycled fibers like PET (polyester made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles). These types of materials help reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, lessening the environmental impact.

All of the prints are designed by us and made with eco-friendly inks and dyes. We take our inspiration from Galicia – from its vast forests, the sea and its cliffs, the sprawling ferns, the tiny wildflowers and our fauna.

We pay close attention to every detail to dress our little ones with life.