This is #FASHIONREVOLUTION week, where consumers and brands come clean and show all their tools.

They wonder: who made my clothes?  And we answer :


1-  BRAINSTORMING, discussion of ideas and conception of the collection. Inspiration? The flora and fauna from our land Galicia motivate us. Almost unintentionally we find thousands of ideas to capture. And from time to time we are joined by some little helpers who are always willing to help…hahaha.

2- Looking for MATERIALS AND FABRICS. We had to do a lot of research and contact many people but we eventually found what we were looking for One of our providers is Organic Cotton Colours. They have a beautiful project, their fabrics are 100% organic cotton with OCCguarantee. These fabrics are wonderful and perfect for our collections. You should have a look at their project because it will make you fall in love. It is respectful, concious and it has a lot of soul.

We also wanted to try other types of fabrics such as PET (100% polyester which comes from reclycling plastic bottles) in our Brezo trousers . We want to dedicate a post to these fabrics so we will come to that later.

Regarding ornaments, we decided to use natural buttons and biodegradable olive and coconut wood. They fit in perfectly with our collection and we are not producing waste.

3- DRAWING PRINTS… mmmm… magic part, wild flowers inspired by our walks through the mountain, ferns from our Galician fields… Our garments have to be different, unique and made with our personal imprint!

3- PRINTING! We have looked for an eco-friendly way of printing. We were lucky to find the way in Spain, by using digital printing water-based inks. Our printings look perfect with this technique.

The animals’-print of our Fauna sweatshirt which has become so popular among our customers is made here in Galicia using ecological inks.

4- DRESSMAKING: all our garments are made in Galicia, in the sorroundings, because we want to boost local commerce. We work in collaboration with workshops which share our philosophy and are fair with their employers in terms of salaries, work timetables and well-being. This is a very important fact for us and we are very proud of it.

Now we leave you a video where you can watch a report for “A Revista” programme broadcast in Galician channel TVG. You can perfectly watch where and how Mimico kids’s garments are made.






We try that all the processes are close and respectful. There are still much work to do but we are getting there step by step

For a conscious fashion 

-Mimico kids-


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  1. Entrada muy interesante. Gracias por hacer algo muyyy atractivo y con los requisitos que busco. Eco, consciente…y además atractivo visualmente. Perfecto para los pitufos que me rodean

  2. Me Parece Ideas considerar aspectos naturales para el diseño de moda o prenda usar motivos naturales-ecologicos, algo que ademas de ser respetuoso de las materias naturales da un aspecto muy sustentable. Felicitaciones

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