Why choose this day to start our blog?

Because Mimico was born from the love for our EARTH, for the Mother Nature which gives us life, nourishment, shelter…

Because our children grow in its fields, drink its water and breathe its air… and our children’s children deserve a safe and healthy home.

Mimico kids was born with the idea of dressing our children with life, by taking care of the fabrics and the materials so that they are respectful towards the environment, animals and healh of our little ones. We are committed to ecological and sustainable children’s fashion.

conjunto ranita cubrepañal azul algodón orgánico

The main fabric used in our collections is ORGANIC COTTON. We believe
it is a perfect fabric for both babies and children because it is soft, skin-friendly and very comfortable. Furthermore, this type of cotton is environmentally friendly and that is something we value a lot. Let’s see the reasons why.

Today we will tell you a little bit about this type of cotton and its beneficial effects on a vast number of things.

Organic cotton is grown organically on fields with no pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. This kind of chemicals has many negative effects since they damage the soil and cause a smaller water retention. As a consequence, more irrigation and higher water consumption is needed. On the other hand, ECOLOGICAL COTTON nourishes itself with rainwater, retains more water and helps to save this valuable good. Every drop counts!

Cottonseeds of this type of crops are not modified genetically. In addtion, it is not harmful to animals and plants because it does not use agrochemicals.

Another important factor, the ECOLOGICAL COTTON, unlike conventional cotton, n is not whitened before being weaven. In conventional textile treatments and processing, chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, dioxin and formaldehyde, among many other noxious compounds are used. That is why ecological cotton has a more natural colour.

Moreover, it reduces greenhouse gases emissions. Nitrogen’s artificial fertilisers increase global warming. By using organic cotton we reduce CO2 emissions. Taking into account the current environmental situation it is necessary that we start making little changes in order to help to improve this situation.  Therefore we love the following sentence …‘Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world‘ (Eduardo Galeano)

And something very imporant: we avoid risks for farmer’s health and for consumers! The use of toxic compounds in farming and conventional production impregnates textile fibres. As a consequence, it can cause allergic reactions when they come into contact with sensitive skins.

It is essential to choose this type of cotton for children’s clothes, whose skin is very sensitive and delicate. What else can we ask for?

By being committed to the use of this kind of fibres, we are committed to ourselves, our little ones and our planet.

 If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us 

-Mimico kids –



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